Thursday, April 28, 2011

Himalayan Restaurant: Sher-pa Be Delicious

Wind whipped around my head as I pushed through the door. The small room was decorated with prayer flags and statues of unfamiliar deities. A small man approached me and bade me sit down as delicate harp music soothed my aching bones. Base camp was far away and the rarefied air still burned in my lungs.

Okay, kidding.

There was a small man, and there was also some harp music and prayer flags. And in my defense, it was raining yesterday. However, Himalayan Restaurant is not quite the Shangri-La I was describing just now.

It is, however, a delicious and affordable spot to grab lunch.

Nestled on the east end of Franklin Avenue in the Seward neighborhood, Himalayan Restaurant dishes out delicious Nepalese cuisine from a seriously unassuming spot.

Nepalese cuisine is a mixture of Indian, Chinese and IndoChinese cuisine with everything from tandoori to fried rice. Plenty of spice, lots of veggies and tons of curry. How can you go wrong?

Still have yet to get my lunch buffet on at Himalayan Restaurant but if it's anything like the entrees I am sold.

Buffet is 8 bucks, entrees around $11 for a pretty huge meal (I actually got an entire meal out of my leftovers) and decently priced appetizers make for an affordable and delicious experience.

Also, they have yak. So if you've never had yak and are curious about ingesting exotic animals from around the globe, Himalayan Restaurant is the spot.

TOURING BANDS: If you're playing on the West Bank (Triple Rock, Cabooze, Nomad, Acadia, god forbid Whiskey Junction) it's an easy walk to Himalayan Restaurant although you probably want to get it out of the way before you play as the neighborhood gets a bit sketchy at night.

Himalayan Restaurant
2401 E Franklin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN

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