Friday, January 16, 2009

New Contributions

I have all kinds of wacky things in the works. Some day I am going to finish my Dubuque, IA trilogy (it's half done). Also I have invited some very funny and interesting people to write about their experiences and areas of expertise so I don't have to sound like a dummy when I try to write about beer or Russia or having face tattoos.

I am also writing the great American novel and trying to resurrect Babe Ruth's corpse which takes up a lot of my time, so, geez, give a guy a break, hey?

1 comment:

  1. EXCELLENT!!! Expecially enjoyed the directions to Breezers -- I'm pretty sure I could find it now, even though I've never actually been to Dubuque. And also excellent recommendations for music to drink your beer by.

    So, what makes a good bar? I'm thinking we should someday go in on a little place together -- either a Kon Tiki/Polka Band bar in Detroit Lakes, or maybe a velvet jacket/smoked pork hocks kinda place in the basement of the DeLendrecie's building...